Robert Thomas


By L-Acoustics Creations

Ecliptic - Robert Thomas


Robert Thomas is an innovative composer and sound artist from London who creates generative music which adapts infinitely in real-time—like a soundtrack to your life. He has worked with a diverse group of artists across an eclectic range of genres and projects, deploying approaches that combine conventional composition with sophisticated programming techniques to deliver bespoke experiences.

Recent collaborations include Massive Attack, Imogen Heap, Hans Zimmer, Air, Booka Shade, Google, and the LA Philharmonic. Ecliptic is a truly mesmerizing work of sound art which provides an ever-evolving and highly encompassing flow of ambient sounds. Using algorithmic and generative techniques applied within the spatialized sonic canvas that can be achieved with L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound, Thomas invites the listener on a shimmering, open-ended journey. The touch of the button gradually leads down a path of limitless emotive evocations. Shifting cinematic soundscapes beckon the imagination, eager to linger and explore this expansive, evolutive scenery.

Each Ecliptic audition restores the listener to a heightened sense of mindfulness and renewal, leaving an impressionistic memory of an experience as uniquely ephemeral as it is enduring.




Robert Thomas



Mixed in the BluSpace standard


Bubble in crystalline resin and USB key


During the ever-changing experience of Ecliptic, you will hear unique soundscapes triggered by algorithms. Ecliptic is a sonic journey with neither a beginning nor an end. Each audition promises to lead you down a different path subject to your mood and state of mind.