Jeremy Brown


By L-Acoustics Creations

Reflections - Jeremy Brown


Recorded over a few days in autumn at the Studio de Meudon outside Paris, Reflections is the result of an exploration of the deeper subtleties of piano sound. Led by pianist Jeremy Brown, Reflections was recorded live, making it a memory of a time and a place as well as a retelling of the works of Chopin and Debussy.

“For me, piano music has to be perceived orchestrally, free of the confines of a so-called percussive instrument,” said Jeremy. ‘Being able to record and replay the music in the BluSpace standard allowed me to explore the depth and clarity of the dynamic range and finally to hear the sounds that I had for so long tried to achieve.”

Jeremy was supported by Sylvain Biguet, a musician by background, who discovered sound engineering through his passion for identifying and recording new groups. Although he has worked on a wide range of musical styles, Sylvain is inspired by the example of producers such as Steve Albini or Butch Vig in placing the emphasis on the most accurate and natural playback of a live performance.




Jeremy Brown


Frédéric Chopin, Claude Debussy




Recorded and mixed exclusively in the BluSpace standard


Bubble in crystalline resin and USB key