The Ultimate Auditorium


Reference Listening Position

All Space

Sweet Spot

Up to 100 m²

Listening Area


Audio Standard

> 117 dB

Maximum SPL

24,000 W

Integrated Power

Island Prestige

Island Natural Island Natural
Island Night Island Night
Island Natural, Island Night

Island’s Immersive Technology

Hidden Power

Hidden Power

Island combines by design the outstanding acoustic properties of a robust professional loudspeaker system made of birch marine plywood with special attention to acoustic damping. This special build provides the listener with a space undisturbed by external noise pollution while guests outside Island may still enjoy sound levels conducive to conversation.​

The patented technology behind Island includes cutting-edge components that serve the professional concert industry, reshaped and recalibrated for unmatched performance and power.​

The Bubble Deck

The Bubble Deck is a sleek device designed to host and display exquisite Bubbles as they play your favorite recordings. As the only visible technological element of your installation, the Bubble Deck also gives you convenient control of essential player functions of Island or Ocean such as volume, pause and skip.

The Bubble Deck

Island Signature - Making Island Your Own

Reskin the Technology Within

Let Island become the stylish centerpiece of elevated entertainment options. The shell encasing Island’s technological core of 18 professional loudspeakers, two subwoofers, power, DSP and amplification can be provided with removable panels for complete customization to match any decor.

Ergonomically Designed

Ergonomically Designed

The ergonomically designed modular seating area features movable elements and cushions that can be easily repositioned for optimum indulgence and well-being.

The top rim of the outer shell is covered in fabric with a light layer of padding, creating an inviting softness that doubles as a seating surface. Seating can even be removed entirely to create additional space inside Island, further widening the set of lifestyle use options available to you and your guests.