The Entertainment Space


Reference Listening Position

All Space

Sweet Spot

Up to 800 m²

Listening Area


Audio Standard

> 117 dB

Maximum SPL

Up to 55,000 W

Integrated Power

Versatile Integration

Ocean can be configured in a variety of ways, ranging from a spatial resolution of 9.1.8 up to the BluSpace standard which matches the abilities of human hearing. Along with exceptional performance, Ocean sound spaces open up new horizons for unique sensory experiences offered as part of our lifestyle selection.

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Surrounded by Syva

L‑Acoustics innovative and elegant loudspeaker, Syva, provides the intelligent backbone of any Ocean installation which can be designed as a bold visual statement or sleekly and invisibly integrated into the interior architecture.



100+ Color Options

Birch and beech wood loudspeaker cabinets come in standard color options of black or white, or can be customized to the vast palette of the RAL color matching system. Opt for bold contrast or absolute visual discretion – the choice is yours.

Amplified Controllers

Our amplified controllers offer high performance and efficient loudspeaker amplification, signal processing, power management and system protection in a one convenient package. The L‑ISA Player remote control offers a simple and seamless user experience to power Ocean.

Amplified Controllers
The Bubble Deck

The Bubble Deck

The Bubble Deck is a sleek device designed to host and display exquisite Bubbles as they play your favorite recordings. As the only visible technological element of your installation, the Bubble Deck also gives you convenient control of essential player functions of Island or Ocean such as volume, pause and skip.